Artificial Intelligence Leaps Ahead With New IBM Modelling


When you think of artificial intelligence the first thing that comes to mind is Terminator (well, it does for me anyway). Robots.

Automatons that eventually develop a level of intelligence greater than a human and when combined with superior structural and physical capabilities, turn on their masters and wipe them out.

It might be closer than you think.

The article below about IBM’s new modeling and research based on the human brain shows just how far we’ve come in the AI world and gives a glimpse of where it might be leading.

IBM is Modeling New AI After the Human Brain

DeepMind researchers are looking to the human brain for inspiration as they engineer this new, impressive, synthetic neural network.

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Artificial Intelligence is exactly that; artificial. But it’s a programming methodology that has been developing over many years, and unlike other programming languages that have evolved then died, it has only become stronger and stronger, with more funding been funneled its way.

AI is not going away any time soon. AI is here to stay and may even become the default operating system program of the future.

It will if IBM has anything to say about it.

What do you think?

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