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By Aaron Parker / October 28, 2017
buy thrive themes products

Thrive Themes Products Review

Thrive Themes is a suite of products specifically designed to increase the conversions on your website.

The reason you would buy Thrive Themes products is because they work brilliantly together to give you everything you need to create beautiful websites and landing pages, to optimise them for conversions via A/B testing and most importantly, because the suite of tools is continually being added to and updated to ensure you stay ahead of the curve in your business.

Here's a look at the entire range of products and what you can do with them. 

The Thrive Themes Product Range

The Thrive Themes suite currently consists of eight individual plugins and ten themes. The plugins work on all themes (naturally) and can work independently of each other, although the entire suite works best if you have Thrive Architect as the main plugin.

We'll get to that in a minute but first, let's highlight the fact that you can buy the entire suite, themes and plugins, in one hit by purchasing the Thrive membership option.

Thrive Themes Membership

thrive themes membership plugin

As the name suggests, the membership gives you access to all the current themes and plugins, full access to Thrive University (a fantastic training area by the way), continual updates of all existing assets and also access to any new themes, plugins, templates and courses, at no extra charge.

Once you're a member, you get everything....always....

There are two options for full membership. The first is for individuals and entrepreneurs, while the second is for agencies and web designers

The basic difference, apart form the price, is that the first is for your own sites, while the second is for those who work on other people's sites. You still get the whole enchilada as far as the themes, plugins, courses and templates are concerned.

thrive themes price box

Now just beware, prices do change (not often) and they sometimes run specials, so if you click on the image above you may/may not see a different price structure when you get down to the pricing boxes.

Regardless of the WordPress installation you have or the theme you're using (whether it's a Thrive one or not), the one plugin that makes Thrive really stand out from the crowd is Thrive Architect.

This is a recent name change (and major overhaul) of the Thrive Content Builder plugin that was the original "engine" of Thrive. Thrive Architect is a massively improved content builder and makes page building a breeze.

Thrive Architect

thrive architect plugin

This is the fastest, most conversion focused visual editor and page builder for WordPress

Click to Tweet

In Thrives own words above, using their nifty Tweet box element....

 "this is the fastest, most conversion focused, visual editor and page builder for WordPress".

And they are right....

This entire page is built using the editor and it contains elements such as text, images, content boxes, shadowing, page templates, headings, click to tweet and many other features, and all of it is done on an easy drag and drop interface.

For an example of the versatility of the system and how you can take elements of it and make them your own, read my post How To Import Thrive Theme Content Templates

All Thrive themes and plugins can be bought separately, or as outlined previously, in an entire membership option (which is the cheapest of course). For Thrive Architect, the pricing structure will generally be as follows.

thrive architect pricing box

There are over 185 conversion-optimized landing pages that have been pre-built in this plugin. Along with its other benefits it basically replaces half a dozen other plugins that you might have previously used. It's a work of art.

Next cab off the rank and the plugin that I absolutely couldn't live without is Thrive Leads. When you understand the power of this little baby you'll wonder how you ever did without it. Thrive'll realise that its just replaced another half dozen dinky plugins that you might have been using. Let's have a quick look.

Thrive Leads

thrive leads plugin

Thrive Leads is a conversion plugin on steroids.

At its simplest, it's an email list building plugin, but to call it simple is an understatement. It enables you to build any type of form you can imagine, from pop-ups, to slide-ins, ribbons, in-content forms, one and two step opt-ins and many others.

You can do complete A/B testing on every form and every variation of a form but not only that, you can manipulate the forms to open a new "state" upon completion of an action.

For example, upon opt-in by a user, you might not want them to see the same form ever again, so you create a "state" that shows a different form next time they visit. Just imagine the possibilities of that. It's endless. You can also place timing on forms, so they only show every "X" days and you can even put animations to make the forms really stand out.

You get advanced targeting, full reporting of conversion data, smart exits (so you can create any sort of page exit scenario you like) and the list goes on. It's really one of the best plugins out there and yet another reason to buy Thrive Themes products.

Pricing is based on the same pricing as for Thrive Architect and you can buy Thrive Leads here should you so desire.

Now....what website worth its salt doesn't have a bunch of widgets to help you promote your wares?

Almost none...that's why Thrive came up with the Thrive Clever Widgets plugin. This thing is a blast and enables you to add any type of widget to your sidebars and footers and makes them totally controllable via tags and other settings.

Thrive Clever Widgets

thrive themes clever widgets plugin

The biggest advantage that this plugin gives you is that it creates relevance for your offers. The widget can be set to show up based on certain tags, or only to show up on pages or posts you designate. This means, no more offers for stuff that doesn't interest your audience. You can tailor the crap out of this thing.

Setting a widget up so that it shows links or ads related to photography for example, after someone lands on your "How To Take Top Photographs" page/post, will go a loooonnnggg way to increasing click-through and ultimately conversions.

You can see the benefit in that, can't you?

Thrive Clever Widgets has a slightly different pricing structure than the previous plugins, although you still get multiple options to choose from. Many website owners and developers get this plugin as a stand-alone, hence the lower pricing.

thrive clever widgets pricing box

You should be starting to see by now that each of these plugins is priced exteremely well, so that when you consider them all together, it just makes sense to get the whole kit and kaboodle by becoming a full member.

Now we start getting into some of what I would consider the less essential plugins (all the ones mentioned above will turbo-charge your website), but this next lot are something special all on their own.

These plugins can work wonders to help convert even more traffic than the ones already mentioned, and when combined in a marketing campaign, become super powerful.

Thrive Ovation

thrive themes ovation plugin

It goes without saying that testimonials can provide a higher level of credibility for your website or product than not having testimonials.

This is where Thrive Ovation comes into its own....

Once you set up Thrive Ovation with what you want/need, it then essentially becomes a set and forget testimonial management plugin.

You can set the plugin to collect comments from your posts or from social pages and of course, from forms, which it then gathers together just waiting for you to use them on your next sales page. You have complete control of the acceptance process (from the person who left the comment/post etc) so that you will always be collecting and using testimonials according to the rules of their use.

You can then use the testimonials anywhere on your site and within any of the many templates provided by Thrive to make then look professional.

Pricing for Thrive Ovation is the same as for Clever Widgets.

This next one, Thrive Headline Optimizer, is an SEO geeks dream come true, not to mention one of the easiest ways to get more traffic for your site.

Thrive Headline Optimizer

thrive themes headline optimizer plugin

Picture this.....You're not sure which keyword-optimized headline to use for your next post. You've got 3 or 4 options.

With Thrive Headline Optimizer you can use them all and have Thrive pick out the best one based on the volume of traffic each one gets.

Did you just say....whoooaaaa!!!.

Yes indeed. Pick one headline as your main one, have your permalink be anything you want, and then add 3 or 4 more keyworded headline variations to the plugin (right on your editing page by the way - no jumping back and forward) and then let the plugin do its job.

Full reporting is available on each page so that you can quickly see which headline is performing the best. 

thrive headline optimizer price box

Just another reminder that prices do change and they sometimes run specials, so if you click on the image above the headline optimizer page might show something different.

When you've created a sales page and you have all the good stuff on it to convince a buyer to take action, what's the one thing that you could add that would get them to take the plunge?

If you said scarcity, then you'd be absolutely correct. The Thrive Ultimatum plugin is designed especially for that task and it lets you create a whole heap of different scarcity counters, that are all editable, to really give your site some oooommmph in the sales department. 

You gotta see this thing to believe it.

Thrive Ultimatum

thrive themes ultimatum plugin

There is so much that this plugin can do it defies description. When you put this one plugin together with Thrive's conversion focused website themes you get a powerhouse sales tool at your fingertips.

I know that sounds hypie, but it's the truth....

Nothing prompts a prospective customer to "buy now" than a great big timer telling them that the sale is about to end.

Here's just a small, small, tiny snippet of what Thrive Ultimatum can do.

thrive themes ultimatum snippet

Unlike the other plugins, this one is priced VERY differently because it's a massive plugin in its own right. 

thrive themes ultimatum pricing box

Last but not least in the current series of plugins from Thrive (there's some new ones coming in the not too distant future), is one that I consider to be the future of visitor engagement.

It's called Thrive Quiz Builder, and once you grasp the concept of it, you may just start using this as your opt-in process as opposed to a form.

Thrive Quiz Builder

thrive themes quiz builder plugin

Quiz builder has been designed to maximize your ability to build segmented email lists, drive social shares, gain customer insights and best of all, to add an element of fun to your website that differentiates it from your competitors.

The plugin is simple to use and there's a great training video to show you how to create quizzes that create user engagement. There's a bucket load of versatility with this plugin so that no two quizzes will look the same and of course, like all Thrive Theme products, nearly all sections and elements are fully editable so that you can maintain your branding.

The secret to true user engagement is micro commitments. That is, small commitments from your users, like answering a question, that slowly but surely entices them further into your funnel. 

Quiz building is the basis of creating super powerful micro commitment sales funnels, and the Thrive Quiz Builder is one of the best plugins out there for this. There are 4 basis steps to creating this process and they are all easy with this plugin.

  • Discover what your visitors are interested in
  • Offer the content based on their answers
  • Segment your visitors based on their answers
  • A/B test at critical stages to increase the quiz conversions

Thrive Quiz Builder pricing is the same as for Thrive Architect.

Phew!.....that's a lot of plugins we just covered there, and we haven't even looked at the different themes you can buy (either individually or as part of the full Thrive membership).

I won't go into all the themes in-depth, because they contain so many different features and benefits that it's just too much for a single article like this. What I will do however, is provide a quick overview of each and you can check them out yourself to see which one would suit you best.

Thrive Theme Demos

Thrive Themes Pricing

First thing to note is that all Thrive Themes are priced the same, so that makes life easy. And of course, the full membership is once again the best option in the long-run. There are currently 10 themes in the product range with new ones to come.

To see each theme page below, simply click on each theme image or the link underneath the image.

thrive themes theme pricing box

Focus Blog Theme

thrive themes focus blog theme

The Focus Blog Theme is an "all round" blogging theme than can be used for almost any purpose. It strikes a balance between content and design to create readability and conversions.

Ignition Theme

thrive themes ignition theme

The Ignition Theme is perfect for sales pages, showcase sites, product promotion and anything where one single page is needed to highlight something. Like all thrive themes, you can create blog pages too.

Luxe Theme

thrive themes luxe theme

The Luxe Theme is designed for luxury. It's typography and layout highlights the prestige and quality of your content. Perfect for fashion or photography.

Minus Theme

thrive themes minus theme

The Minus Theme suggests minimalism. Great typography with a trendy hipster type of feel to it. Great for personal blogs or professional websites.

Performag Theme

thrive themes performag theme

The Performag Theme is my favorite and is the one I use for this site. It's specially designed as a true magazine style theme that allows for advertising content, stylized drop-down menus and a multitude of landing page designs (as are all the themes really).

Pressive Theme

thrive themes pressive theme

The Pressive Theme is my second favorite and I've built a few sites using this theme. It has some fantastic home page options with scrolling menus and other interactive elements. It's another good marketing, blog, product highlighting style of theme.

Rise Theme

thrive themes rise theme

The Rise Theme is another excellent blogging theme. Beautiful typography and spacing and good clear readability. It's also brilliant for affiliate marketers. This site I built for romantic comedy and noir author Robin Storey is a great example.

Squared Theme

thrive themes squared theme

The Squared Theme is a beautifully laid out theme with a multi-purpose design and excellent conversion options, such as bold buttons and section layouts. You could use this theme over and over again and no two sites would look the same.

Voice Theme

thrive themes voice theme

The Voice Theme is quite different from all the others and is designed lots of great graphics with personal commentary, so photographers, commentators, podcasters or anyone who requires a unique visual approach to their audience would like this theme.

Storied Theme

thrive themes storied theme

The Storied Theme, like the name suggests is a story-based blogging theme designed along the lines of Pinterest with lots of images on the home page or blog (depending how you set it up). It has a default image as a background that everything scolls above. Very effective and eye-catching.

Get All Thrive Theme Products

So there you have it. A complete list of Thrive Theme examples currently available for your use either personally or as a designer for client websites.

The thing I like most about Thrive Themes is that they haven't rested on their laurels and simply offered a bunch of stuff that never grows. The company is constantly innovating and new themes and plugins are always being released.

When you are a full member of Thrive you get all these releases free of charge. That means you always stay up-to-date with changes in marketing and conversion tactics as well as having access to the best optimized and typographically attractive products on the market. Not to mention the training, Thrive University and access to all the support under the sun.

You can buy Thrive Themes products by clicking the image below.

thrive themes price box

If you're already using Thrive, or you'd like to get more information, then I'd love to hear what you think of it. Leave your comments below and please share this post.

Disclaimer: Transparency Alert. I think it's fairly obvious that I am an affiliate of this great company so if you buy from this site I will receive a commission. It keeps me in daily cappuccinos and the odd packet of chocolate liquorice bullets. Love those things!

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