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Market Cachet – The Future Of Business Marketplaces

By Aaron Parker / September 7, 2017
Market Cachet Tasks

Market Cachet is a name that will soon be spoken in the same sentence as names like Amazon and Ebay.

OK, maybe not is the “same” sentence, but in similar sentences. And why is that?…..

It’s because Market Cachet is one of the new styles of business that operates in a similar way to the two behemoths named above. It’s because it’s a “marketplace” and not just a business, or a store, or a service.

Market Cachet Full Home Page

What Is A Marketplace?

A marketplace is a “grouping” of services or products as opposed to a single product or service. By going to a marketplace, you are able to select a service you want and know that the marketplace provider is handing you over to the “best team possible” to perform that service.

Usually the team is a group of dedicated professionals who basically do nothing else but that particular service.

For example, in the Market Cachet marketplace, you can choose from around 32 different services. Let’s say you’re looking for someone to find journalists for your business because you want to create lots of public relations for the business.

You can choose the PR Management Service and have a specialist operator find 50 journalists for you each month who report on your particular industry. The service will provide you with the names and contact details of the people and all you need to do is contact them and set up your PR requirements.

If you were to go out and try to find those journalists yourself it would take you months of calls and potential frustration, and even then you’d probably not find people who can report well on your market and business. But the specialist provided by Market Cachet can do it for you each month and every month for a very low fee.

Now imagine you want someone to look after your social media management. Again, you simply select that service, follow the requirements laid down in the service description, and you now have a social media specialist looking after all the social media stuff that you hate or don’t have the time to take care of.

You are not having to create contracts with individual companies and thus locking yourself into long-term costly contracts. You can stop and start any time you like, and in almost all cases, the services are based on money back guarantees.

You basically have a whole workforce at your fingertips, to do any number of different services for your business, and they’re all in one place.

Marketplaces V Freelancers

But isn’t this just like using freelancers you ask?

No. Freelancers are great to use, but the problem is that you have to make a deal with each and every freelancer you use and so the management process of this outsourcing method becomes onerous over time.

Using a marketplace, you deal with the marketplace provider instead and all your management processes go through them…YET…you have direct access to the professionals themselves right throughout the conduct of the service.

In other words, all the financial and performance benefits of a freelancer, but without the over-bearing management hassle.

Market Cachet Services

Below is a list of links to the Market Cachet main page, the overall services page and to each individual service page that this business is using to generate customers.

Market Cachet Homepage

Market Cachet Services Page

30 Facebook Posts Monthly

Facebook Ads Management

Google Adwords Management

Business Case Study

500 Word Monthly Blog Post

1000 Word Monthly Blog Post

Monthly Infographic

500 Word Weekly Blogpost

1000 Word Weekly Blogpost

If you run a business that needs these types of services (and which business doesn’t), then this new style of marketplace is the best option you have in today’s market. It’s cheaper, faster and more focused to your needs than current methods.
Find the service above that best suits your needs today and go and check it out.

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