The Single Biggest Mistake To Avoid When Starting An Online Business
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The Single Biggest Mistake To Avoid When Starting An Online Business

By Aaron Parker / January 8, 2017
The Single Biggest Mistake To Avoid When Starting An Online Business

That's it, dammit. I'm not taking this any longer. I'm starting an online business!

That's you, screaming in frustration as your dumb-ass boss asks you once again to re-do a job you know is already perfect.

You've had enough and you decide to quit. You're going to start that great online business you've always dreamed about.

So you give him/her the finger, race home, do a quick home office set up and sit down at the computer, ready to rock. Everything's looking sweet.......

Man And Woman

.......and then it all goes to shit before you've really started. Here's why.

​Are You Cut Out To Be An Entrepreneur?

If there's one question people don't ask themselves before starting any new venture, particularly an online one, it's this....

Am I cut out to be an entrepreneur?

It's the single biggest mistake YOU need to avoid when starting an online business.​

Now, not everyone is an entrepreneur in a purely technical sense, but you know what I mean. Are you cut out to run your own business?

Many people aren't......

There's no shame in that, it's just a fact. Running your own business can be a hard slog and not everyone's "designed" for the business world.

That's why you need to pay attention to this post. I don't want you starting something you can't finish.

You've had a gutfull of your boss, (stupid p%&#k), and you want to run your life with your own online business. I totally get that. But you need to know whether you have the right mindset for it BEFORE you spend a godzillion dollars on courses, equipment or stock.

An old mentor of mine used to say "I'd rather spend $10,000 to know I'm going to fail, than to spend a $1,000,000 and fail".

In other words, spend the time and energy (and sometimes money) to find out if you're truly suited to running a business, especially an online one, before you set one up.

Mindset - Or, "Is My Head In The Right Space?"

Mindset is a bit of a buzzword but it's also relevant because if you don't start with your head in the right place from day one, then you'll be toast by day five.

Hey, we all need the week-end off right? No, there's no such thing as a "week end" when you have an online business. It's constant. You'll live and breathe nothing else for at least the next 12 months.

Having the right mindset for business is not only about having your head in the right place, but also about TRULY knowing what you really want out of life. Knowing with CLARITY.

It's also about knowing HOW you want to achieve your desires and doing things from the right perspective. If you don't have perfect clarity about WHY you are doing something and WHAT you want to achieve from it, then you'll start something you'll ultimately come to hate.

I recommend you to take the time to make sure you know exactly what you want. A person I discovered who totally changed my own outlook about business and life in general was T. Harv Eker.

Harv has that uncanny ability to help you deep-dive into life's big questions. For example, his webinar listed below is designed to help you discover how to get rich doing what you love, and live with true meaning and fulfillment. It's a great place to start asking the big questions of yourself.

In the meantime, let's get you thinking about whether you're cut out for business or not. Let's see whether you answer yes or no to the following crucial entrepreneurial questions. 

10 Signs You're Not Cut Out to Be an Entrepreneur

Number 1: You're In It For The Money

Ooh, bad rookie mistake there my friend. Too many people get into business thinking they can make a lot of money. And some do, but you shouldn't be thinking like that because money comes AFTER you have provided value to the market.

If you don't give people something of value, something that can make their life better in some way, then you WILL fail. Sure, you might make some money at first, maybe even for a while, but when the market realises you've got nothing special to offer, they'll leave you stranded.

You must have your customer's best interest in mind AT ALL TIMES, with everything you do, say and provide. That way, ​you'll build a long-term, sustainable business that, guess what, MAKES YOU A TON OF MONEY

If you focus on the money first however, you'll lose. Full stop.​

Number 2: You Think You Can Work 9-5

If you treat your business like you did your job, you'll be back at your job before you know it. And, you'll probably have a healthier respect for your boss (unless they are a complete asshole of course).

Running a business is a 24/7 expenditure of energy. That doesn't mean you have to be working 24/7, but your business will take up more of your time than your job did. Particularly in the beginning. Later on you can start implementing systems and people to do some of the work for you but at first, it's usually all on your head.

Number 3: You Think You'll Have Lots Of Spare Cash​ To Throw Around With Your Friends

Your friends aren't even going to see you for the next year, let alone you having money to flash around with them. You'll be pumping every cent you have back into your business to make it work.

Inventory don't buy itself you know....​

Number 4: You Think You Can Deal With A Problem "Tomorrow"

In business, tomorrow truly never comes. Everything needs to be done today and if you don't believe me, wait until you get your first pissed-off customer who didn't receive their product on time or it arrived damaged.

They don't wait until tomorrow.

You will have to learn to deal with problems as and when they arrive and no later. This shouldn't scare you off though, because you'll not only get better at it over time, but you'll also create systems to handle it. But again, at first, you'll probably be the one to deal with it and if you can't face an angry customer, then you're sunk.​

Number 5: You Get Overwhelmed Easily

This is more common than you think. Business has a lot of aspects and it's really easy to ​fall into the trap of having "too much to do". 

If you get overwhelmed easily or you can't handle pressure then just don't start an online business. You'll drive yourself insane. You'll end up staying awake all night worrying about stuff or trying to fix things, and soon you'll be a screaming heap on the floor.

The good news is, there are courses you can take, systems you can buy and even simple apps that can help you stay on-track with all your daily tasks and goals (see the link to Harv's stuff earlier in this post). That doesn't mean you won't still get overwhelmed at times, but it does make life easier.

Number 6: You Just Can't Miss Your Favorite TV Show

Like Number 3, you can pretty much kiss TV goodbye for a while. And really, you should do that anyway. There's nothing more brainwashing than the idiot box (they call it that for a reason you know) and the more time you spend in front of it, the less time you have to ​create the life you really want.

I'm not saying you'll never watch tv again, but if you just can't give up your favorite show then you're not cut out for business. The business will become your number 1 priority (until it doesn't) and if you're serious, you'll make it your priority until it doesn't have to be.

Number 7: ​You Can't Make Quick Decisions

This is another biggie. Every single day you are going to be making decisions. If you take a week just to decide whether to go with the "green or the black", then you will suffer.

Remember this, no decision is ever perfect, and there will ALWAYS be a way you could have done something better, but you do that AFTER you make a decision to do SOMETHING, otherwise your business will never move forward.

Look up the book called "Ready, Fire, Aim" and you'll know what I'm talking about. 

It's all about making a decision, seeing what the outcome was, and then adjusting towards improvement. Then you make another decision and do the same thing all over again. This will make you money. Thinking about it too long or trying to be perfect won't.

Which brings us to number 8.

Number 8: You're A Perfectionist

Oh, this one will screw you badly. As I said before, nothing is ever perfect. You can never expect it to be and the sooner you understand that and simply do "the best you can" and "ready, fire, aim", the better off you'll be. 

If you can't get over perfectionism, then go back to your job. It's a lot easier.

Number 9: You're Not Organized

Notice that this one's kind of down the list a bit. You'd think it would be near the top. Nope...

Organization is one thing, but forward motion is the best thing. Being organized is just a bonus. Saying that, if you are one of those people who couldn't organize a shag in a brothel with a fist full of fifties, then you should probably stay away from the online business world. 

You have to have some semblance of organization about you to not only run yourself, but to run any others who might be involved in your business. People like outsourcers, or suppliers for example. You have to keep yourself and others on track somehow.

The "how" is up to you (and again, there's a bunch of resources you can use for this), but it needs to be done no matter how much you might hate it.

Number 10: You Take Failure Personally

Have a guess what. You are going to fail.

Don't think I'm putting you down, because I'm not. I'm just giving you the heads up.

You are going to fail again and again and again....

And that's a GOOD thing.

Why? Because if you are failing on a regular basis, it means you are also growing and learning continually because from failure, comes success. You only really fail if you GIVE UP. ​

And if you're the sort of person who always gives up, then don't start an online business, because you will find a thousand reasons to give up (sometimes daily). If you don't give up, however, you can create a life for yourself and your family​ that is beyond your wildest dreams.


Starting an online business is tough. Don't kid yourself that it isn't.

BEFORE you embark on this amazing journey that's called online business, take the time to assess yourself to see if you're really cut out for it.

Even if you spend a year doing it, $10,000 in courses, books, counselling or whatever and still realize you're not cut out for it, you'll have saved yourself a lot more money in the long run. Not to mention the heart-ache and frustration that comes with starting and running a business that you're not suited too. 

The Good News

Once you KNOW that you ARE cut out for it, go at it like a bull at a gate and don't stop until you've maxed out every goal you set for yourself.

Because that's the best part about running your own online business. The sky is the limit. The power is with you to make it as big or as small as you want.

And you'll no longer have to listen to that p$%#k of a boss anymore.

Just promise me you won't become like them.

​Here's to your future success.

If you ARE ready to delve deeper into the online world by starting an Amazon business, click here to register for the highly successful Ecomm Elite e90x webinar. It's one I recommend and am a member of myself.

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